But I wonder where were you ?
       When I was at my worst, down on my knees
And you said you had my ba ck;
          So I wonder where were you ?
                When all the roads you took came back to me.

So I’m following the map that leads to you.

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BLOOD OF OLYMPUS COUNTDOWN: -7 — worldwide cover of the books.

1. us.
2. us remastered.
3. italian.
4. portugal/mexican ((idk)).
5. japanese/chinese.
6. german.
7. indonesian.
8. us (again).
9. italian (again).
10. uk. 

The Big Three 

With your body next to mine
Our hearts will beat as one
And we set alight
We’re afire love 

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percy jackson + john rocco art


h e r o e s o f o l y m p u s: lucas till as jason grace



Hazel Levesque (art)


h e r o e s o f o l y m p u s: emily bett rickards as annabeth chase